Play Area Fencing – Duxford

Duxford Parish Council asked us to install a RoSPA approved fence and gates to their play area.  The Heras contour system was used as this complied with all of the RoSPA guidelines and provided an aesthetically pleasing outcome.

School Fencing – Harlow

Over 500m of steel palisade fencing at the Sencan CSS centrre.  The fencing enclosed the playing field ensuring that a secure environment could be maintained.

New Gates – John Henry, Longstanton

New gates to John Henry’s storage facilities in Longstanton

Close Board fencing – Sawston

Domestic fence, overgrown hedge removed and replaced with 2 metre high close boarded fencing.

Steel Railings – Duxford Cemetery

Traditional steel railings erected at Duxford Cemetery for Duxford Parish Council

Bow top infills – Burwell

Bow topped infill s between brick peers to add privacy to garden.

Paddock fencing – Newmarket

Post and rail fencing and field gate  in Newmarket

Steel Palisade Fencing – Wisdom Toothbrushes, Haverhill

In total around 400m of steel palisade fencing plust 5 sets of gates to improve site security.

Specialised Post and Rail Fencing – Cambridge College.

Robust post and rail fencing to enclose grazing land owned by a Cambridge College.

Close Board Panels – Burwell

Close baord panels on concrete posts with concrete gravel board

Close board – Longstanton

Close board fencing on concrete posts with a concrete gravel board in Longstanton

Steel Palisade gates – Wisdom Toothbrushes

Steel Palisade gates with integreal pedestrian gate. Wisdom Toothbrushes in Haverhill.

Close board and gate – Jolly Millers, Cottenham

Close Board Fencing – Wilberforce Road, Cambridge

Close Board Panels, Ely

New Bin Store – East Cambs District Council, Ely

Close Board Panels with Trellis – Cottenham

Close Board Fencing – Girton

Post and Rail with Field Gate – Swaffham Prior